The goal of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna as a logistics company is professional, fast and at the same time flexible organization of transport taking into account the individual needs of each of our contractors. Our company has directed its activities primarily to provide comprehensive logistics services to companies with particular emphasis on sea, road and rail forwarding.


Out of concern for the environment, our company undertakes to manage its operational activities in a manner consistent with applicable laws and environmental standards.


We declare that in carrying out its daily tasks, Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna makes every effort with certain environmental objectives in mind. We undertake to take care of proper waste management, rational use of paper. We also ensure that we take environmental aspects into account when making decisions on the selection of subcontractors, purchases and investments.


Taking into account the needs and requirements of our contractors, we are open to any innovations in the field of environmental protection.


Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna, bearing in mind the concern for environmental protection, uses a fleet that meets the ecological standards regulated by the EURO5, EURO6 standards. This is a modern and young fleet, successively developed and replaced.


Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna’s priority in the field of environmental protection is to create a company that pays special attention to the ecological aspects of conducting forwarding and transport activities. Wherever it is possible and economically justified, we use railroads as an alternative to road transport.

The environmental activities of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna are focused on:

  • protecting natural resources through the rational use of paper, among other things, by reusing it whenever possible, reducing the consumption of electricity, water and fuels
  • reducing the amount of waste produced and managing it by reducing its negative impact on the environment, among others: In accordance with the Law of 27.04.2001, we recycle and record used toners
  • Acting in accordance with applicable environmental laws and standards

Knowledge of environmental policies, operating procedures, their impact on the environment, is known to all people working in our company.

Out of concern for the welfare of the customer, we aim to introduce such changes in our company that will allow us to balance the economic development of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna with ecological aspects, and above all we try to respect the environment in which we live and work.


Forming positive relationships with employees and investing in social capital

  • Implementing periodic meetings with employees to involve them in the company’s management process;
  • Developing employees’ professional competence by conducting a training needs analysis and creating a training program;
  • Informing newly hired employees about the CSR strategy and its objectives;
  • Conducting a periodic, anonymous survey among employees on work comfort and compliance with the company’s working hours

Shaping in contact with contractors the image of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna as a socially responsible enterprise

  • Adhering to the principles of fair competition and fair business practices;
  • Being guided in the selection of contractors not only by financial considerations, but also by the social commitment of the potential partner;
  • Informing business customers about ongoing activities involving corporate social responsibility;
  • Promoting CSR and environmentalism among contractors;
  • Placing in e-mail correspondence an incentive not to print the Strategy of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna for environmental reasons.

Minimize the negative impact of Deepo Grzegorz Majewski Sp. Jawna on the environment

  • Implementing eco-office principles at the company’s headquarters;
  • Conducting in-company training for employees on energy savings in the company.


We offer repairs of the following brands  DAF, VOLVO, Mercedes, MAN and many more.




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